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A guest who accidentally wandered into the “Messenger” could see a wonderful picture: in an empty casino, at three tables, there are croupiers accompanied by inspectors, and a person rushes between them, building amazing high-rise figures of black and green colors from chips ... And so it went on all autumn. And then the decline began. This was felt after the admissions began with a visit. But parting was not long - a maximum of one or two days

Regular guests also began to worry when the member builder was not rushing between blackjacks, his absence was felt ... And they even tried to show some care for him, offering to play another and more interesting game called "open" poker. But our Vova was obsessed with blackjack: if Pushkin's Herman saw the Queen of Spades winking at him, then Vova smiled "point".

One day, he even asked Eric for a loan, and he almost agreed, knowing where to look for him if something happened, but took a break “to think” and received good advice from one of the employees, who told him in a conversation with an eye on eye that Vova has a certain shortage of funds ...



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