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Injuries & Pain

A good sports therapist will know that their treatment has a limit to curing an injury without correct rehabilitation outside of the treatment room. At Kendall sports therapy we offer free rehabilitation programs that change throughout your treatment. We tend to see you more frequently at the beginning to really get the ball rolling with your progress, however as you start to get better, we increase the time in-between your treatments. Sometimes that can be 4-6 weeks plus, so we always welcome texts or emails with any questions in-between treatment.


Our aftercare exercises are often mobility and strength based, that are well explained with videos to help you understand technique of the movement. One thing that always baffles me is the black and white fuzzy photos that you get given with arrows showing the movement, how is anyone supposed to remember the movement, let alone how to perform with correct technique? Technique is also really important, as an exercise done poorly could almost be worse than choosing to do nothing. If you are someone who could really benefit with strength specific rehabilitation, we work alongside some amazing personal trainers that will grow your confidence with the exercises.


This is also a really good time to tell you that you do not have to love exercise to see a sports therapist. You may be coming into the clinic because you do not exercise enough, and although you do not want to exercise, you feel stiff and immobile within your daily routine. We always strive to meet the expectations of our clients, and can just send you some mobility exercises to do at your leisure. It is important to manage expectations though and let you know that you always get out what you put in!

If you are unsure if sports massage is what you need, call us on 07730008604 to have a friendly chat.


Test the body and assess the biomechanics.


Diagnose the problem.


Combine both rehabilitation exercise and massage to help solve the pain.

Do you have an injury?

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