Injuries & Pain

Bent over to empty the cat litter or tore a hamstring playing football, an injury can happen at any time. It can also develop from an underlying issue such as bad posture. What do you do? Well unlike the ghosts under the bed, the answer is not to close your eyes and wait for it to go away. 

Kendall sports therapy provides you with a free rehabilitation program during your treatment. Emails or messages are always picked up within 4 hours, as getting you back to optimum health is our priority. 

If you are unsure if sports massage is what you need to help you, call free on 07730008604 to have a chat to us. We always have a solution in the clinic or a contact that will help you on your mission to becoming pain free.


Test the body and assess the biomechanics.


Diagnose the problem.


Combine both rehabilitation exercise and massage to help solve the pain.

Do you have an injury?