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Pain Diagnosis

An injury can be linked to one particular incident that you could say was definitely the cause, however for a lot of people there is no defining moment, it just happens. You could be running to catch the bus and suddenly feel pain in your heel, or you could get out of bed one day and feel the same pain with no understanding of why.


Identifying the injury and the most likely cause is the first step to you taking control of the pain, and starting to move forwards with your life. At Kendall sports therapy, we combine patient history, gait analysis and full body testing to diagnose your injury.


We then talk you through what we have found so that you understand everything. We often find the more you know about your injury, the more successful you will be at resolving it.

Once we know the what’s, whys and how’s we move straight into using sports therapy to start your recovery, alongside detailed aftercare. In the scroll down menu there is an option that will say ‘injury management’, and this will go into more detail about how we help with your injury.


Test the body and assess the biomechanics.


Diagnose the problem.


Combine both rehabilitation exercise and massage to help solve the pain.

Do you have an injury?

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