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Sports Massage

Sports massage is a deeper form of massage that helps improve the health of both muscle and connective tissue. Sports massage has a wide range of techniques used to break down fatigued muscle tissue and eliminate a wide range of problems. It is different to other therapies as it is slightly more uncomfortable, however it is a myth that it will be worse than labour! 


Am I somebody who could benefit from having sports massage? 

Unfortunately, the term “sports massage” makes people believe that they have to have an injury or play sports themselves to be able to gain the benefits from having a sports massage. Sports massage is for everybody. 

If you suffer with any aches, pains or a non-specific injury, sports massage is something that you need in your life! 


What are the main benefits to having a sports massage?

·      Increases Range of movement through joints 

·      A form of treating and curing injuries

·      Increases power and strength in sport or in day to day activities

·      Increases sports and general performance 

·      Reduces the risk of injury 

·      Helps re-correct poor posture 

·      Helps eject metabolic waste from the tissue

·      Helps improve neurological pain

·      Helps increase blood flow and reducing inflammation

·      Breaks down adhesive tissue

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