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Pre & Post

"Sports massage is a key part of my preparation and recovery strategy for running ultra marathons. Not only does it help with injury prevention, but it also ensures you get to the start line as fit and well-tuned as possible.  Sometimes there isn’t much time in-between events so I use sports massage straight after to insure I am back on that start line ready to go”

                 - Nick Ransom 

Who do we see?

Our current client base consists of people who enjoy a whole range of sports from runners, cyclists, riders, cricketers and football enthusiasts. A lot of people originally came to us because of a niggle, and now book in before and after an event.

Pre and post event massage is about getting you to the start line with confidence, and helping aid your recovery at the end.


Sports massage is not just for the elite athletes of the world, and we often find our couch to 5K clients pick up more niggles than more established athletes. The reason for this can be due to weaker mechanics and work commitments having an effect on our ability to succeed pain free in our sport. This is why pre and post event massage can really help aid your performance, at absolutely any level of ability.

Recently we worked with Lewis Mason down at eagle radio to prepare him for the surrey hills half marathon. Have a look below and see how we worked together to get Lewis running fit and ready!

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