A lateral ankle sprain occurs when the ankle rolls inwards causing the ligaments on the outside of the ankle to stretch beyond their limits. This can happen when walking on uneven surfaces, falling awkwardly or when changing direction during sports. It is important to treat and rehab a sprained ankle properly to reduce the risk of re-injury – the most common cause of an ankle sprain is a previous ankle sprain.

The goal of stage 1 is to reduce pain/swelling and regain mobility

- Depending on the severity of the sprain you may or may not be able to put weight on the injured ankle; crutches can be used to help with weight bearing.
- Apply ice to the injured area 2-4 times per day for no more than 10 minutes.
- Anti - inflammatory can be taken for the first couple of days post injury.
- Range of motion exercises should be started within the first 72 hours of the injury; the sooner the better.