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Post massage tips

If you aren't sure of what you should be doing after your sports massage, here are my top tips!

1. Drink lots of water

The main post massage tip... Drink lots of water to flush any toxins away.

2. Have a little rest from exercise

Try and plan your exercise in before your sports massage so that you can rest your body for the day. It is really important to get an understanding of how the sports massage made you feel, and if you exercised after, its not always a true reflection.

3. Look over your exercises

Hopefully you will have some feedback about how you felt to your sports therapist, and they will have given you some tips on how to improve things for you in-between sessions. It is always recommended that you work on the problem areas to reinforce what your sports therapist has done.

4. Eat healthy food rich in goodness

After your sports massage make sure you eat foods high in micronutrients to give your systems the best recovery possible.

6. Plan your next sports massage

Depending on how you felt and your exercise plans moving forwards, make sure you book your next sports massage in before you leave. Sometimes your therapist will recommend longer in-between your treatments because you are improving, and other times there will be a lot to work on. Working on the time recommended will give you the best possible chances of moving forwards and away from a problem.

7. Feedback!

Make sure you give your sports therapist feedback on the session and how you felt afterwards. Everybody is very different and it's really important that your sports massage is geared towards you and your goals.

I hope these tips help you to get the very best out of your sports massage!

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