How can you move house safely?

Recently my boyfriend and I purchased our first property together... Poor bloke! I couldn't believe how much of a task it was, and I certainly underestimated how much work there was to do. It occurred to me that moving house is a strenuous ol' job. Lifting boxes from the floor into a vehicle and unloading on the other side, twisting through doorways, you need to be fairly strong!

It dawned on me that moving house could, for most people, really affect their back and onset a lot pain if things aren't done correctly. You can either sink or swim in a house move, and I have compiled my top 6 Tips that will help you achieve a successful house move.

1. Learn to lift correctly

I know that now a lot of workplaces are hot on lifting correctly, some companies even run training days! The awareness of correct technique to prevent back pain in this country has risen, but unfortunately it just isn't taken seriously enough. Lifting correctly prevents injury (in the short and long term) and as a big bonus on top, your guaranteed to be working your back end correctly 🍑🍑🍑🍑

2. Attend a yoga session

Money worries, packing everything up, cleaning, boxes. There is a lot going in. I have only recently found yoga is a fantastic way of releasing mental and physical stress as it builds up throughout a house move. I have used Blue sparrow yoga in Guildford ( as I find these classes really helped me to regain movements and ease pent up tension.

3. Pre plan

Pre planning how you are going to lift something and where it is going to go will reduce the amount of time you are lifting or holding something heavy. I must say the reason this is number 3 top tip is because I found myself leaning boxes on my hip, bending into small spaces and generally leaving my common sense at the front door! If I move again, the first thing I would do is make a plan!

4. Loose some baggage

This is the saving grace with moving house, you get to go through all of your life long belongings. The key ring you got from a weekend away, the fridge magnet your mother in-law bought you, the tin of beans with a best before date of 1994. Time to say goodbye to all the clutter and make those box's 20KG lighter.

5. Book yourself a sports massage

Sports massage is a fantastic way of releasing stress caused on the body both mentally and physically. A sports massage before, during or after this period helps to prevent unfortunate injuries. It is also important that throughout any stressful or busy time in your life, you remember that looking after no.1 is important. A sports massage is a valuable aid that helps improve your health, mindset and physical ability. Back pain is one of the most common injuries in the UK, and the majority of these injuries could easily be sorted with sports therapy.

6. And most importantly .. Know you ability! The sky is the limit, and if you don't push yourself above and beyond your limits, how do you know what your capable of! However, the stressful environment when moving house is probably not the best time to start achieving a personal best. If you know 20KG is achievable to carry on your own, get that squat position at the ready. If not, there is no shame in asking a friend, colleague or new nosy neighbor to give you a hand.

Sports massage and mobility is something that you should consider before any niggle expands into a larger problem. It is very easy to solve a niggle, but an injury in the long run isn't so easy.

Finally, if your moving house I wish you all the best and many happy home making!

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