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8 Reasons for getting a sports massage

Yesterday I had a long overdue sports massage (I have two great sports therapist but they were both off on holiday or very selfishly off having babies), as soon as the massage started it highlighted the immense feeling of health a sports massage gives me.

There is no other treatment like it, however please do not expect a relaxing sensual massage because your barking up the wrong tree. Sports massage provides a very specific course of intense manual therapy, in order to enhance and improve the musculoskeletal system, joints and movement of the body.

If you have not had a sports massage you simply must put that on this months ‘to do list’!

Here are my top 8 reasons why whether you are an athlete, gym bunny, workaholic or stay at home mum, your body is in need of a sports massage.

1. Increases the joints Range of Movement Sports massage uses techniques to lengthen muscles and aid flexibility in your joints. E.g. the hips and lumber spine can be restricted by the length of your hamstrings thus causing lower back aches and pains. Lengthening this group of muscles then allows the lumber spine to move more freely and therefore create a longer and greater range of movement.

2. Reduce the risk of injury Both active and inactive people are at risk of injury but for very different reasons, both of which can be helped with sports massage. Active people put stress on their muscles and joints blissfully unaware of the build-up of fatigue and adhesive tissue which could later lead to pain, inflammation and the onset of injuries. Inactive clients often suffer with pain and muscle spasms caused by muscle weakness and poor posture, which could be rectified by a range of exercises and muscle manipulation.

3. Reduces pain and fatigue Pain is something I have learnt we all suffer with, and is easily managed by breaking down adhesive tissue causing localised waste build up and reducing blood flow.

4. Aids in injury recovery If you have been unfortunate enough to sustain an injury you will know how recovery is always made easier with a step by step program which is something a good sports therapist should be able to provide. Scar tissue and a shift in your biomechanics is all very normal when you sustain an injury.

5. Improves sports performance I am no competitive runner, aerial yoga fanatic, horse rider or gym goer, I love each sport for its own unique enjoyment and I know that I want the best out of myself each time. Tissue breakdown can help your body recruit the power, speed and agility needed for sport and help mentally prepare you for an upcoming event.

6. Helps towards poor posture and body alignment Slumped shoulders, weak core and pain in-between the shoulder blades.. does this sound familiar? There are many ways our lifestyle and habits can form poor posture over time, which often results in some muscle groups working super hard, and well, others not bothering at all. Sports therapy provides you with knowledge to go away and re correct this whilst using a range of techniques to help lengthen muscles to allow a better posture.

7. Aids in increased blood flow and nutrients Muscles that become fatigued from weakness or over use will stick together and the pain will send signals to the brain for that group of fibres to become ‘inactive’ and stop working which as a result, reduces blood supply and oxygen to the tissue… Massage increases the blood flow to reverse these effects.

8. Ejects metabolic waste Increased blood flow also helps to remove metabolic waste such as lactic acid.

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