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My top tips after a sports massage

Everybody seems to lead a very busy life, which can make post sports massage care challenging. Here are my top tips on how to prepare yourself, to get the very best out of your sports massage.

1. Have a water bottle in the car

Having a large bottle of water in your car is really handy. Your car journey to the next destination is a great time to drink plenty of water before you get too wrapped up in other things. I would normally add an extra litre to your current daily intake to help flush out all the toxins post sports massage.


2. Allow recovery time

Plan your exercise routine for the week around your sports massage. It means you can get all of your sessions in without a compromise, but giving your body that precious 24 hours of rest and recovery. This will really help optimise sports massage results!


3. Keep moving post treatment

Everything that has been worked on during your sports massage will be feeling very loose and relaxed post treatment. This is the absolute best time to go through a 5-10 minute mobility routine focussed on the problem area.


4. Have a few layers at the ready!

Have a few layers in the car ready to put on straight after your sports massage. Sometimes a very intense treatment can leave you feeling very cold, and you may shiver or tense up as a reaction to the sudden temperature change. On the colder days I have an electric blanket, which is super toasty. It does make getting off the couch rather a shock though!


5. A note section on your phone

Whether you come in for treatment with an injury or you have sports massage for maintenance, it is always a good idea to make note of anything that may help future treatment success.


6. Have a tube of electrolytes in your car

Electrolytes or ZMA (Zinc and magnesium) are a fantastic additive in helping improve the condition and recovery of your muscles. Having one in your car at the ready to put into your water helps you to remember and gets you into a good habit!


7. Take a nice hot bath

If you have the luxury of going home to relax after your sports massage, an epsom salt bath is my number one post massage tip. What better way to fully unwind after a treatment then to fully immerse yourself into a nice hot salty bath.

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