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A visit from Lewis Mason from eagle radio

Recently we have worked with Lewis Mason from eagle radio to get him race ready for the Surrey hills half marathon, raising money for an amazing cause with the orchid dementia centre.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Lewis and are really pleased that he managed to enjoy the race, we heard it was very hilly!

When Lewis arrived at the clinic he wasn't struggling with anything in particular with his training, and this may raise the question, why did Lewis come and see you in the first place?

There wasn't much structure or targeted mobility involved in Lewis's training and when we tested his range of movement, it was clear he needed to be doing a bit more!

Lewis left the clinic with targeted mobility and strength exercises that focussed on the areas that were specific to him. He also left the clinic having had a sports massage based around the areas that needed attention from a sports therapist.

Having a sports therapist look after you throughout the event season can help improve your performance, prevent injuries and increase the enjoyment of the day itself.

If couch to 5K is what you like doing or you are super keen ultra runner, you deserve to be working towards optimum health and optimum performance.

For more questions on how we can help you, contact us for a free consultation.

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