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Why am I so exhausted?

Sugar sugar sugar…coffee coffee coffee … And relax.

You’ve come home from work and collapsed in a heap and proceeded to devour a large spaghetti and garlic bread, a glass of wine, a bag of Cadburys buttons and anything else you’ve found in the bottom of the pantry. You name it, you’ve eaten it - and I’ve been there.

It wasn’t that long ago that I felt so run down that when the evening came around, I could barely bring myself to get changed, take off my makeup, brush my teeth and get into bed. So many times I missed my 6AM gym shift because I had slept through 10 alarms (all with horribly screeching tones) and quite frankly, I was getting upset with myself for letting me, and everyone else down.

The reality was… my body was desperate for me to look after it. A low calorie diet, two Gym sessions a day, eight hour gym shifts and starting a new business on the side, poor nutrition and no rest. Sometimes I couldn’t get through a single hour without queuing up for that extra cool, extra shot Americano… And it led me to binge, oversleep and forget important things.

Looking at my life from the outside I led a healthy life, but my body was low in iron, low in essential vitamins and minerals and it felt like I was a one-man band pushing a car up a hill.

If you can relate to this I would love to be able to explain these 8 Tips that changed my life, and made me be ok with accepting the fact that we are not machines – and a healthy life is a lot more diverse than just diet and gym.


It’s ok to sleep

I always felt guilty if I had a lie in because I felt like I was missing out on something, but sleep is so important and a lack of it not only turns you into a fire breathing dragon, but it isn’t productive in the long run. If you’re feeling rubbish, put a day in the diary to turn that alarm off and get an extra-long nap.


They say 2L of water if you are in-active, but if you exercise, get that large bottle and push for the 3L mark.

Curb the caffeine

Ever feel like something has a hold of you ? That something could be caffeine. Cut down on those Americanos!

Exercise !!

Stuffed up in an office for 8 hours a day is enough to send anyone to sleep – Get your trainers on and feel alive by hitting a fast pace gym session.

Take time out!

If like me you work for yourself, shut down the ship for a week and cleanse your mind ready to come back with a bounce in your step.

Change your diet!

Your diet can be the biggest energy killer. Too many calories, not enough, too many sugars, not enough. The best thing I’ve learnt so far is that the best diet of all, is a balanced one.

Daily booster

Find a health smoothie you can have daily to boost all the goodies you need to function properly and help yourself lead a balanced lifestyle.

If this doesn’t work - Call the Doc !

I don’t think pointing the finger at your thyroid, lack of iron and low blood pressure is the way forwards, and a lot of this is actually caused and prevented by yourself, however if there is an underlying issue and you’ve exhausted all options, seeing your GP is important to test for any underlying issues you may have.

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