Health And Well-being

We all live in our own rat race... your cars get an MOT, the dog gets his monthly hair cut and the garden plants get more vitamins, minerals and vitamin D in a month then you get in one year... If this sounds familiar then read our top 6 tips on improving your health and wellbeing.

1. Sleep We all know the feeling of tiredness and heavy eyes, our coffee machine is about to overheat and the sugar cravings are oh so real, I hear a re-charge calling! Book a day off, catch up on some much needed sleep and relax.

If you are unfortunate enough to have insomnia or broken sleep, book in to see a hypnotherapist or try some remedial methods such as meditation, calming drinks and a hot bath.

2. Check what fuel your putting into your engine I find too many carbohydrates (good or bad) makes me feel lethargic and pretty useless, eating too much makes me feel full and heavy and eating to little makes me unproductive... We are walking a fairly narrow tightrope! Finding the correct balance in your food is key to establishing optimum energy levels, and of course... what you eat is vitally important.

Ignore the diets and the FADS, stick with a balanced protein, carb and good fat diet, with plenty of fruit and vegetables and watch your energy levels explode!

3. Step outside the norm and challenge yourself I love a bucket list! Every few months small or large, something gets ticked off! This year it has been Wake boarding for the first time, my first skiing holiday and my first half marathon... the feeling when you explore new interests and step outside the norm is liberating not to mention boosts those happy hormones.

4. Look after your body The shell you're in today is the one you will be in forever and I think we underestimate how amazing we have the potential to feel, if only we look after it a little bit better. Have a massage, an epsom salt bath, take a yoga class and take pleasure in knowing we can control how our body feels.

5. Hydration is key The most boring statement I make on a daily basis ... "Drink plenty of water". It goes in one ear and out the other, mainly because most people do not want to spend their life running to use the rest room! A lack of water is the culprit for a fuzzy head, a lack of thinking, headaches, tiredness, laziness, dizziness and many other (slightly more serious) symptoms. It is a simple challenge,with massive rewards... You may even lose a bit of weight!

6. No matter how much you hate the gym, you will always find happiness in exercise Amen to that! Bowling, running, cycling, horse riding, the gym, surfing, hiking, climbing, wake boarding, yoga and dancing... these are just a few sports that have converted the most sedentary people into active ones.. not because they have to, but because they want to. There is a sport out there for everybody. Have you found yours yet?

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