Sports Massage Q&A

Your sports massage questions answered.

What are the main benefits to a having a sports massage?

  • Increases Range of movement

  • A form of treating and curing injuries

  • Increases power and strength

  • Increases sports and general performance

  • Reduces the risk of injury

  • Helps eliminate poor posture

  • Helps eject metabolic waste

  • Helps improve neurological pain

  • Helps increase blood flow, reducing inflammation

  • Helps in both acute and chronic pain

Do I have to play sport to have sports massage? Sports massage is a title that unfortunately gives the stereotype that it is a treatment for sports enthusiasts. Sports massage has enormous benefits for your ‘average Jo’ and will help relieve your aches, pains and non-sports related injuries. Do I have to be injured to have sports massage? Sports massage is a great way of preventing injuries by improving the health and flexibility of both muscles and joints. You do not have to be injured to enjoy the benefits of a sports massage. Does sports massage hurt? Sports massage has a reputation for being painful, and yes, we all squirm a little, however pain has a place in what is actually a very enjoyable treatment. Is pain good for me during a sports massage? Your massage therapist should explain what you are feeling and why so that you can relax into the treatment. Sometimes pain is necessary to be able to achieve the degree of manipulation to the muscle tissue, however at all times your body and muscles should stay relaxed. What happens if I start to tense during my sports massage? Once the muscle is tensing as a defence mechanism to the pain then essentially the manipulation that the sports therapist is giving becomes less beneficial. You should always be comfortable with the pressure and if at any point you feel it is too much, ask your sports therapist to apply less pressure. How is sports massage different from other massages? Sports massage is derived from holistic massage so if you have ever had a relaxing massage before you will recognise some of the basic techniques. Sports massage however has its own branch of techniques specifically designed to manipulate fascia, muscle tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints in a more specific way. What should I wear for my sports massage?

  • Loose shorts and t shirt so that during manipulations and assessments your clothes are not restricting your movement

  • Trainers that you exercise in if you are in the clinic because of injury or pain.

  • We do not recommend sports bras as they are not easy to manipulate around

Can I exercise after having my sports massage? It is recommended that if you have had a sports massage that you allow 24 hours recovery. This is of course different if you have had a pre event sports massage, in which case you will be all fit and ready to go. What should I expect after my sports massage? Everybody reacts differently to massage regardless of whether it is a sports massage or a relaxing spa day. It does depend on what your sports therapist has done during your treatment however you may feel a little tired or sore in the area that has been treated. Main things I should do after a sports massage?

  • Keep moving however not heavy or demanding exercise for 24 hours

  • Drink plenty of water to flush out metabolic waste

  • Keep warm

  • Enjoy an Epsom salt bath for added muscular benefit

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